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February 11, 2009, 12:29 pm
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I love conservative talk radio. Just love it. And a topic that has gotten a lot of them hot under the collar is Nadya Suleman and her recently-born octuplets.

There are just so many sides to this delicious story. Single mother of six children, lives with her parents, takes welfare benefits, gets in-vitro fertilization and gives birth to eight more children. Of course a story like this would capture the imagination of all of America. And of course talk radio gets riled up about it. (Don’t they about everything?)

Should we, the taxpayers, attach provisions to welfare money? Well, that’s not very conservative, we believe in individual freedom, right? And we believe that people are pretty much bastards, so we think that of course someone’s going to take a handout if it’s being given to them for free. Why should we want the government to attach strings like “you’re not allowed to consciously attempt to expand your family” to welfare money? That’s just opening the bag of tricks to what government could do with string-attaching power.

We must be upset about the fact that this woman had eight more children! Well, on second thought, it’d pretty common to have multiple embryos implanted in the in-vitro process, and extremely un-common for all of the implanted embryos to actually take and develop. Ms. Suleman may have only been trying for one child and ended up with eight. Of course, conservatives don’t really want to have that conversation… because then we start talking about that A-word. (Also, in the case of a multiple-child pregnancy, is it possible to abort just one or a few of them? I don’t know.)

So now we are probing the doctor who actually performed the in-vitro procedure. The first question that arose: is it breaking a code of ethics to actually implant the embryos into a woman in Nadya’s situation? Well, that’s not very acceptable, is it really the doctor’s place to say who and who isn’t an unfit mother? We start down a dark road in that territory. Second question: is it out of the norm that he implanted six embryos? Apparently it is, but Ms. Sulemon had had fertility troubles before, so it’s probably not hugely out of the norm.

So our outrage is left at the failure of personal responsibility. She probably should not have gone and attempted to have more children in the situation that she’s in, but everyone involved acted in a perfectly legal and politi-moral manner. It’s up to the future to tell if she’ll be able to handle fourteen kids as a single mother.


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Unsubstantiated, but I learned that aborting a few implanted embryos after the in-vitro is almost standard operating procedure if multiple embryos take.

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