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Take You to School, Son by A Milder Despot
March 4, 2009, 12:31 pm
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Despite overwhelming support for the District of Columbia’s school choice program, even from mainstream media outlets that are typically hostile to decentralization of government control, Democrats may kill the program.

In the last election cycle, the top teachers’ unions (which are, of course, intensely opposed to voucher programs) spent more in contributions to candidates than the top defense contractors. The teachers’ unions donations also skewed far more heavily Democratic. The next top five lobbying firms combined didn’t equal the monetary efforts that the teachers’ unions were able to muster.


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While I’m personally no fan of school vouchers for a number of reasons, I do believe that DC is perfectly entitled to deal with their education system as they see fit. Local school boards and town councils that set education policy are important, which is just another reason the games that Congress plays with DC’s laws irritate me. That being said, I didn’t see Boehner calling it an “irresponsible and shameful act” when the House completely ignored the districts wishes and got rid of all of DC’s gun restrictions.

Comment by fluffly

Obviously there’s been hypocrisy in the past on both sides of the aisle when it comes to D.C. governance laws. But if you read one of the articles I linked, there’s this potential way that the voucher program gets killed:

Democrats have also called for the granting of a new veto power over the program for the DC City Council. If the bill passes as it is currently written, the voucher program can only be funded if it is reauthorized by both Congress and the City Council.

Clearly, this new language doesn’t kill the Opportunity Scholarship Program outright. Just as clearly, it puts the program on life support, and it suggests that Congress is hoping the DC Council will pull the plug for them, so that they can’t be directly blamed for kicking 1,900 children out of private schools that they have chosen and become attached to.

So this, I don’t know, may be more in line with what you believe should happen when it comes to D.C. governance? Regardless, however, of the mechanism by which the voucher program may be dispatched, I think it would be a negative outcome for the children of D.C.

Comment by A Milder Despot

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